Beauty and Brains

I am very fortunate to meet clients that ooze with sincerity thru choice of words. Booking events is mainly email thus the tone sets a good feeling.

Meet Isabel. Say BnB? She’s a Mechanical Engineer by day and a lifestyle and leadership blogger at night. Impressive.


She needed balloons for their party  at 80th and Ivy . This restaurant at the famous 17th Avenue of Calgary boasts their farm to plate concept. Organic dairy + live music on a Saturday night- hmm, shall we?

  Pink and Black as a theme, I suggested a modern twist to add a classic black and white marble balloons.


BFF Lyndee had a giant pink L and Isabel I. This set was matched by 20 hot pink balloons and 10 marbled ones. Helium balloons were treated to float guaranteed 10 days. Oh, plus delivery! How convenient.


Hop on to Isabel’s blog and read thru interesting millenialogues. Real life stories on being a bride, fun with girlfriends, travel, skin management and life lessons. Good refreshing reads. Like reading a Huff post but more intimate.

PS. Cheers to women who etch good things in the Engineering world.

Swooning over that glitter dress,


Maria Divina Gracia


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