Camping 201

Happy Holidays!

It’s the best time of the year, snow on ground and cranberry bliss bars stacked on the fancy cake stand. Eggnog? Check. Baking? Scheduled. Shopping? Done.

It has been a wonderful year. A great one. A mix of celebrations from babies, weddings, birthdays, showers and just because  balloons. Thankful for all the events. Now looking forward to the next.

Welcoming 2017, Calgary Party 50 is launching a special line of premium chic party goods.

Meet Harlow and Grey

In love with the collection yet?

 CP50 picked the Modern Camp Collection as the maiden offering from this San Francisco, California based line. Indeed it’s a great package neatly put together for a kid — of millennial parents! Simple yet sleek, colours neutral with glee. It’s a gem.

This party in a bin is offered in 2017 with the following.

All the convenience for you

1. Harlow and Grey’s Modern Camp Collection, 8 pax. From plates to cups and napkins. Includes Feather Crown and Bunny Ears Finger Painting Activity Set. Plus standing Woodland Animals Photo Props

2. IKEA Lätt tables and chairs, 4 sets for 8 guests

3. Calgary Party 50 Balloons – pick colours and material; foil stars + moon, white and black marble latex, giant balloons, giant letters and numbers

4. Teepee 1 set
5. Cake stands 3 pcs
6. Drink Dispensers 2 sets
7. Light Box + batteries 2 sets
8. Delivery and Pickup Calgary wide {the best part}

Optional Add Ons
9. Event Photography 2 hours
10. Food: Cake, Cookies, Mini Donuts
11. Loot Bags, Birthday Outfit, Gifts
12. Event Setup 2 hours

Book your stress free stylish party. Text Dina at  587-897-5623

Credits to Harlow and Grey for all collection and lifestyle inspiration photos

Party goods detailed description found at Calgary Party 50’s Facebook Album ‘CP50  x MC Harlow and Grey’

See you at the stylish  camp,


Maria Divina Gracia

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