Sky and Balloons

I love balloons. It brings instant joy for a reason I don’t know why.

I trace my fascination with balloons to birthday parties.  Hello Fun Times.

12 years ago, I (with the student organization) sold balloons for Valentine Fund Raising at university.

I had a good run of balloons bursting in my face too. My right index finger had callous from making knots. My arms were toned, thank you manual pump. I once sold clear balloons with mini balloons inside. Its amazing people would line up. Hahaha. Oh well I forgot to add, it was free! It was for a pizza place, free balloon with a purchase. Again, fun times. Lots of good memories.

Today, I’m back to balloons. I am back to things I enjoy. I am fortunate to do this again. It’s a bringer of joy. Oh so dramatic.

Modern balloons are adorable. Versatility in colors, materials and add-ons are cool. My favorites are foil and the old school latex. The sizes are awesome- could go from 5 inches to as big as 8 feet! Whoa!

Confetti, themed cutouts, origami, tassels, sleek cards, ribbons and glitters are pieces to add to make a balloon all dressed up.

Calgary Party 50 offers 40” Foil Balloons and 36” Latex Balloons. The old school regular balloons is still here. My favorite 5inch minis are also a staple to stuff into giant balloons.

Great for birthdays (of course), weddings, proposals and just because. Modern décor would have balloons in corporate events, photoshoots, runways, art installations and store fronts.

Here’s my giant balloons. In the sky.





Maria Divina Gracia

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