The I Do and Family – Pink Edition

Precious Pearly Pink

Beaming with joy, this family exudes the perfect feeling on a wedding day. Elizabeth and Steve surely had a blessed union surrounded with sincere love. And wait– balloons! Giant balloons.


   That’s so SWEET!


 It was close to 50 pearly pink balloons for the high tea reception. Fascinators for the ladies and quaint baby’s breath in distressed mason jars made the hall romantic. PS. Her fascinator game is strong. Hello!


Here is the best part- coolest family photos.   Step 1: Brick Wall. Step 2: Cue family Step 3: Smile! Awesome portraits sealed for a lifetime.

_mg_9550You know how to do the celebrity smile? You say “A” and viola, perfect capture.


No biggie– balloons for props. Yeah.



Great appreciation to Elizabeth for sharing photos. Did I say you can pass for a Carrie Bradshaw double?

Oh yeah, I forgot girly — you are a model!

Credits Ab and Remi of Zone Photography. These are awesome photos.

Wicked Fascinator Original Design by Kyle Nylund. He is a very talented artist. Period.

Location St. Gerard’s Church  Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

Daydreaming back to that day,


Maria Divina Gracia

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