For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered

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        On Gender Reveal Balloons

Q: I want gender a secret for me too
A: Assign a friend to email gender, your name and party details to balloons@calgaryparty50.ca

Q: I mean top secret!
A: Drop envelope at the secret location! Book a time with balloons@calgaryparty50.ca  Envelope will be sealed and returned on delivery or pickup day

Q: How long will the balloon float?
A: Request delivery of the balloons  ON THE SAME DAY of Gender Reveal Party. It will float for 12 hours guaranteed. 


       On Delivery

Q: Delivery options?
A: Weekday delivery time 9 am-11 am ONLY.  

Weekday - $20 Calgary wide 
Weekend - $25 Calgary wide

Needing balloons outside that window? Send in order number and email balloons@calgaryparty50.ca


       On Being a Proud Local Business

Q: Wait – are you licenced?

A: Proudly *princess bow* City of Calgary issued one since January 28, 2015. Yay!

        On Giant Balloons

Q: How big is big?
A: 36″ for giant round balloons and 40″ for foil letter or digit. Character balloons go from 30” to 42” Installation balloons have 48” or 60” {yes that is 4 and 5 feet respectively}

Otherwise, the rest are cute at 5” 11” and 16”

        On Other News

Q: Can you curate a gazillion balloons for me?
A: Yes please. That's the GOAL. 

Q: Can I release Helium balloons?
A: Strongly recommended NOT TO. Latex balloons are biodegradable however it takes time to degrade depending on heat and moisture exposure. Since January 2018, Calgary Party 50 doesn’t sell balloons to client if this is the intent. Balloons are client’s property upon delivery and it’s their discretion to safe keep balloons. Again, highly recommended NOT TO RELEASE BALLOONS. 

Q: Do you love the Earth? 
A: Truly, madly, deeply. Visit BalloonFacts.org for making Mother Nature happy while enjoying balloons. Biodegradable characteristics, worldwide Helium usage and responsible use are shared in this researched based resource.

Q: How do I dispose balloons?
A: After party needs a popping party! Broken and deflated balloons are garbage and go straight to the Black Bin per City of Calgary Landfill Guidelines