For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered

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Q: I want gender a secret for me too

A: Assign a friend to email gender, your name and party details to balloons@calgaryparty50.ca 

Q: I mean top secret!

A: Drop envelope at the secret location! Book a time with balloons@calgaryparty50.ca  Envelope will be sealed and returned on delivery or pickup day


Q: Where are party pictures?

A: Hop over to Facebook Page Calgary Party 50 or Instagram @calgaryparty50

Q: What if I need only a part of the bin list?

A: It’s a free world, let’s discuss what you need, one by one

Q: Can you come to my event and set it up?

A: um yeah! As long as there is cake

Q: Delivery?

A: $15 Calgary wide and $20 for surrounding towns. Covers 1 giant balloon and 1 balloon bag. $5 additional per bag. Party supplies and Party kit? Canada Post boxes available

Q: Wait – are you licenced?

A: Proudly *princess bow* City of Calgary issued one since January 28, 2015. It’s up to date too! It’s CP50’s  third  fourth year in business. Yay!


Q: How big is big?

A: 36″ for giant round balloons and 40″ for foil letter or digit. Character balloons go from 30” to 42” Installation balloons have 48” or 60” {yes that is 4 and 5 feet respectively}

Otherwise, the rest are cute at 5” 11” and 16”

Q: Can I buy flat?

A: Surely, send an email with all your color dreams 


Q: Surprise balloons for my BFF, can you? 

A: Would it be balloongram of dreams if cupcakes are involved? Now you can with Calgary Party 50’s Balloongram S, M, L and XL. That’s a big surprise, literally! 

Q: Can you curate a gazillion balloons for me?

A: Yes please

Q: Can I release balloons? 

A: Strongly recommended NOT TO. Latex balloons are biodegradable however it takes time to degrade depending on heat and moisture exposure. Since January 2018, Calgary Party 50 doesn’t sell balloons if this is the intent. Balloons are client’s property upon delivery and it’s their discretion to safekeep balloons. Again, highly recommended NOT TO RELEASE BALLOONS. 


Q: Where is the Balloon Attic?

A: Calgary Party 50’s Balloon Attic aka office is at Studio #7 1515 Centre St SE. It is a consult space for installations to see all colours and sizes of balloons. 

It’s where clients solve happy problems of palette cohesiveness and balloon choices. 

Plus paper wares on display for party planning.

Event Stylists, designers and planners, welcome! 

By appointment only, weekdays 5:00-7:00pm