CP50 Balloongram
CP50 Balloongram
CP50 Balloongram
CP50 Balloongram

CP50 Balloongram

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Surprise! Calgary Party 50 Balloons at the door and Crave treats? This is the best day ever.

No photos as it’s a surprise for the giver and recipient! Let Calgary Party 50 prepare the brightest, coolest and tallest balloon bunch anyone can hold!

Sweet nothings and just because, life celebrations and sending love to family and friends, CP50’s Balloongram will delight 7 days a week. 

Available Options:

Small Balloongram + 12 pcs Mini Cupcakes; Total $70

Medium Balloongram + 6" Cake ; Total $ 170 or Balloongram + 6 Cupcakes; Total $130

Large Balloongram + 6" Cake; Total $220

Colours only; request any colour combination.


  • 2 day order lead time, $15 Calgary wide delivery for all sizes
  • Crave cupcakes are a selection of 6 pcs best seller flavours, regular size 
  • Crave cake is 6” Confetti Cake 
  • Balloons guaranteed to float for 5 days 

Balloon Colours

Listed left to right
Available in 5” 11” 16” and 36”. Select colours* in 30”

Brown, Clear, White, Gray, Black, Silver* Rose Gold* Gold*

Navy, Purple Violet, Lilac, Robin’s Egg, Pale Blue, Caribbean Blue, Periwinkle Blue

Burgundy, Berry, Rose, Pink, Coral, Peach, Blush, Ivory

Red, Mandarin Orange, Golden Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Wintergreen, Green, Lime Green 

Need anything else? Request for a customized set of balloons and Crave cake variant at balloons@calgaryparty50.ca