Balloon Installation

Modern and organic sculpture, statement pieces on unique spaces for grand experiential celebration decor — balloon art installation is the optimum dash to your bash. 
Latex balloons are biodegradable. Air-filled balloons and sizes from 5” to 60” in various colours.

Balloon art decor package inclusive of consultation, colour review, site inspection, rigging materials, setup, take down and disposal. Starts at 4999 local and 14999 national. 

Booking in Calgary, Rockies and Canada wide.
Send the date, vision, site and other details to


Where do balloons go after?

Delight is served, balloons are taken down. Calgary Party 50 collects popped biodegradable latex balloons after each exhibit to dispose properly. This has been done since 2017 as part of the turnaroud service. Per City of Calgary Landfill Guidelines, balloons are assigned to the black bin for disposal.